Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ask a Veteran

This is an open invitation for anyone who has questions related to home education. So, tell me, what is YOUR burning question? Do you wonder how to withdraw your children from public school? Are you curious about Oklahoma laws pertaining to home education? Would you like a few book recommendations on homeschool philosophies? Ask anything you like!

Remember, if there aren't any questions from you, our reading audience, then I'll have to solicit them from the 3 kids, age 3 and under who live in my house. What their questions lack in substance, they more than make up for in quantity. So, unless you're just itching to know whose turn it is to hold the bubble gun, you'll want to come up with a homeschooling question or 10.

Send your questions to wilson(at)ochec(dot)com and I'll be back tomorrow with some answers, Lord willing.

~Dana Wilson
OCHEC Trustee

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