Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back to the Real World

As we're packing up to depart this lovely, lakeside setting, I find myself very excited to see what lies ahead for homeschooling families in Oklahoma. It has been a great few days of making new friends, sharing struggles and triumphs, and hearing over and over again about what God is doing across North America in this little movement we call Homeschooling.

It makes me grateful for the people that make up my own circle of homeschooling compatriots: the ones that walk the path with me, hold me up when I'm weak, and fill my freezer when I'm completely laid out (thank you Tracy, Tina and Susan); the ones who play with my toddlers so I can teach the older ones (thank you Valerie, Hannah, Aunt Karen). Isn't it kind of God to call us to this mission, and then, through His own precious children, meet the needs we have along the way? Who meets YOUR needs along the way? Stick a note of thanks in the mail today.

So, as we leave this conference, we move forward in God's grace and with His guidance to answer His call to reach, equip, encourage, sustain and defend Oklahoma's current and prospective home educating families. And also, to do a small truckload of laundry.

Abiding in Christ,

Dana Wilson, Trustee


Michele said...

Great post Dana! Thanks for the suggestion to give a note of thanks to those that help and encourage me.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love your last statement of reality, after waxing so eloquently about this incredible journey/privilege/responsibility we call homeschooling!